Boxhead Craft | Feedback
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We’d love it if you could let us know what you think of our Boxheads!


Here are a few kind words from happy customers:



“My boys (5&8) loved getting creative this afternoon with their Minecraft Boxheads. Ruth was wonderful engaging with them but letting them take the lead on their designs. Both lads came out very proud of their creations and are currently trying to decide where to put them in their bedroom! Thanks again :D”

Nicky Chibah


” They look fab!”

Rebecca Smith


“It’s such a cute idea!”

Kelly Hoggons


“Beyond pleased with the attention and patience Ruth showed to my son during the Halloween workshop. What a wonderful activity! Thanks!”

Jen Pentecost


“My son loves Minecraft and his Box Head which he got as a gift! Great pressie and brilliant for a party idea as party packs of 12. Really recommend.”

Sara Venables



“It’s a great idea, must keep them quiet for ages!”

Lucy Dorrington