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BoxHead Craft T Shirt Information and Instructions




These pre-shrink 100% cotton T-shirts are designed to be decorated with your own fabric paints or pens. The T shirts wash well at 40 degrees but defer to the instructions of the fabric paints or pens you’re using to avoid running, bleeding and fading.


You will need

  • Your Boxhead Craft T Shirt
  • A piece of card
  • Fabric pens or permanent markers (preferably with thick nibs)


  1. Use a template to plan your design. You can download FREE templates from www.boxheadcraft.com
  2. Place some card inside the T Shirt to protect the back from any ink that may run through before colouring
  3. Colour in the T Shirt
  4. Fix the colour according to the fabric pen instructions – some may require ironing
  5. Wear it and be the envy of all your friends
  6. Hand wash or wash at a low temperature in accordance with fabric pen instructions. The T shirt is fine at 40 degrees but your fabric pens may not be.

We recommend a handwash or a cool wash to protect your designer original when it’s complete.


Size Chart


Size Chest (to fit)
Child age 5-6 28”
Child aged 7-8 30”
Child aged 9-11 32”
Adult S 34”-36”
Adult M 30”-40”
Adult L 42”-44”


Order individual Boxhead’s, playdate packs of 2 or party bundles of 10 here.

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